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Yoga at Remedy

Yoga at Remedy

“Be there for others but never leave yourself behind”    - Dodinsky

Our Yoga Teacher is Chris Cunningham. 

Chris believes that it is possible to build an awareness of our bodies and what they need through the practice of yoga. As well as teaching yoga, Chris is a registered physical therapist and a massage therapist. Chris’s classes will take you through various techniques such as Pranayama (breath work) and meditation to calm and clear the mind, as well as various Asanas (poses) to strengthen and energise the body. He offers a variety of yoga styles, from an energetic Hatha/Vinyassa flow, to a deeply restorative Yin class. Chris’s yoga classes are designed to strengthen the physical body while also providing relief to mental and emotional blockages.

“I have a strong passion for helping others to improve their health and wellbeing. Yoga has personally allowed me to maintain my active lifestyle. Combining this with Physical Therapy, I have found it the perfect tool in guiding others to a more fulfilling life, not just physically but also mentally and spiritually”.

Our classes are suitable for Beginner and Intermediate level yogis.

It is recommended to bring your own yoga mat and work in bare feet to feel more grounded. 

Please wear non-restrictive comfortable clothing to enjoy your yoga experience with us.

Yin Yoga: Fridays @ 6.45pm

A restorative style of Yoga. Restore and reset your body and mind.

This class helps you to let go mindfully, and therefore you can let go of any physical tension that may be causing discomforts or pain. Yin Yoga poses work on stamina aiming to increase both body and mind endurance along with improving strength & flexibility in muscles and joints.

A more meditative approach to Yoga, Yin aims at cultivating awareness of inner silence.

This brings to light a universal interconnecting combination of the mind to the physical body, helping to improve your stamina and over all wellbeing.

Yoga Flow: Saturdays @ 9.45am

A nurturing Yoga class that allows you to heal and work on self-development emphasising breath expansion, body awareness and physical strength.

It helps improves flexibility in every joint with an emphasis on hips, back and shoulders while improving posture.

This philosophy will allow the teachings learned on the mat to be transferred into life off the mat where it really counts, tackling daily life stress, whether challenges are physical or mental.

This class helps to improve your daily endurance, reducing fatigue and works on improving the quality of your life.

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