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What our members say



“I have been attending the team at Remedy for the last nine years, it is a vital part of my routine. Rachael has become an important member of my team and without regular treatment it would be very difficult to keep up the intensity of my training sessions and stay injury free.”

Katie Taylor, World Champion Boxer and Olympic Gold Medallist

“I just wanted to thank you for the session on Tuesday. You really freed up my back and hips. I went on to play the best round of golf I have ever had as a result of your treatment. I will definitely be signing up to the Back Class I saw in the time table as the results are addictive! You’ve restored my faith in my golf game!”

S. O’Loughlin

“The ethos of Remedy is unique. The individual care and attention that Rachael and her team dedicate to each and every client is rare, and something I believe essential to improving client well-being. I also enjoy the calming studio environment that makes Remedy such a special place to come to.”

R. O’Malley

“I have tried so many different types of training from running to weight lifting and this is the first one that I love and that works for my body. Remedy Pilates has transformed my life and the pain in my hip! The staff are extremely professional and every class is different so you never get bored. There is a great mix of classes and lots of different levels from beginners to advanced. I love going to the classes which are in small groups and hate when I have to miss one.”

F. Fitzpatrick

“I take part in Reformer Pilates classes at Remedy and love every minute of it. I feel a big difference in both my posture in every day life, and as a World Champion Irish dancer. Remedy’s Reformer classes have worked wonders on me and I would 100% recommend them to anyone of any age”

Layla Anne Healy, World Champion Irish dancer

“I attended a 6 week Clinical Hypnotherapy course with Orla Chambers at Remedy. Each session was amazing, including many different practices to take home and use to help minimize the inevitable stressful times in our lives! The sessions are very calming and I was able to experience deep peace and relaxation. Knowing that you are in complete control at all times really allows for the depth of relaxation that you would like to experience. I highly recommend this course, it will enhance your life!”

S. Wyse

“I came to Remedy Pilates following a number of years of ill health including breast cancer and back surgery. I had developed lymphaedema in my arm and could barely lift it to my head. I did a number of individual classes where specific exercises were identified for me and after a number of weeks I joined the general class. Two years later I have full movement in my arm,my back is flexible and pain free. I have Rachael and Emer to thank for that. I would highly recommend Remedy both as a prevention and cure for all joint and muscular problems”

L. Uhlemann

“I have been attending Remedy Pilates since 2015 and absolutely love it.  Rachael and her team are so encouraging and explain the movements very well, along with providing individual attention during each class.  I have learned so much about posture and my core strength has greatly improved.  I love the combination of mat and reformer classes and would highly recommend their fun filled classes for all adults.”

O. Lindsay

“I had been an occasional Pilates practitioner over the years before attending Pilates Reformer classes with Remedy. The equipment is spotless and ultra-modern, the trainers are top class and the strength and mobility that I am continually gaining has eased any back pain that I have had and allowed me to get back to playing sports regularly, it’s become a must on my weekly schedule.”

C. Reddin

“The classes are brilliant for focusing the mind as well as toning the body, and are led by such friendly and dedicated staff that you actually forget you are exercising, you are just enjoying yourself.  Since joining Remedy I have found a new sense of confidence and well-being, who could ask for more!”

C. Hill

“Remedy Pilates literally changed my life. Without meaning it to happen, I let sporting activity lapse when children came along and then I found when I tried to return to exercise I kept injuring myself. Rachael helped me through a frozen shoulder, I started Pilates and I have never looked back since. I feel fitter than I did 10 years ago. Thank you Rachael and team”

C. Cresswell

“I love the welcoming and nurturing atmosphere at Remedy.  I also greatly admire their holistic approach.  This openness to treating the whole person, both body and mind and wanting the very best for them is what makes them a leader in their field.”

N. Suffolk

“Remedy has helped to strengthen my core, improve my posture and reduce the ongoing pain in my neck and shoulders. I couldn’t be without it!”

T. McMahon

“I feel I am a different person after attending Remedy Pilates. I feel I am more aware of my posture and protecting myself. I am aware of any back twinges I may get and I know different exercises to keep myself loose. I didn’t think a person my age (twenties) could have back issues but if we don’t take care of ourselves it can affect anyone. I feel the whole team know me and my strengths and weaknesses. They know how to push you and mind you in all the exercises. It’s fantastic!”

K. Egan

“Rachael and all the team at Remedy are excellent teachers and truly dedicated to providing the best service possible. During the classes the teachers go above and beyond giving each person individual attention. Their Physiotherapist gave me a list of exercises to ease hip pain which have been really useful. All at reception are extremely efficient and nothing is too much trouble. There is a really nice atmosphere amongst everyone which is a true indication of the level of dedication and commitment from the staff. I can’t recommend Remedy Pilates highly enough”

E. O’ Brien

“I cannot praise Rachael and her team more highly. I had tried Pilates classes previously but always felt that I was just another customer with nobody paying attention to my particular needs. I love the personal and friendly approach of everyone in Remedy. I feel that Rachael is very forward thinking and always on the lookout for new and exciting ideas.”

E. Corcoran

“After finding out that I had two bulging disks in my spine Pilates was recommended to help me recover. I am lucky enough to have participated in both Reformer and Mat classes. I have built up my strength and my back has improved. It’s all thanks to the work and encouragement I have experienced in Remedy Pilates from all the staff.”

K. O’Toole

“I have attended Remedy Pilates & Physiotherapy for many years as a Pilates Reformer student and love it.   I would highly recommended Rachael and her fabulous team in Remedy Pilates & Physiotherapy to anyone”.

P. Keating

“I started attending Remedy Pilates a few years ago, after a consultant recommended it to overcome an injury that prevented me from playing football. The sessions helped the injury, improved my posture, and reduced my lower back pain. The teachers are extremely patient – believe me – and ensure that you get the most of each session no matter what level you’re at. I’d highly recommend Remedy Pilates, whether you play sports or not. For me it’s an essential part of the week.”

P. Meyler

“Following the arrival of my first grandchild, I realised I was unable to hold him for any length of time due to weak shoulders and neck. As a result I started Pilates at Remedy and it has changed my life. It has strengthened all my muscles, improved my balance and made me more mobile. More importantly I am now more aware of how the body works and even taking a walk is a much more pleasant experience and a better form of exercise. Try it, you won’t look back!”

J. Kierans

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