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Sports Programming



Sports Programming

From our experience we understand that not everyone’s lifestyle fits into our group class schedule. Developed for those who are looking to gain the edge over their competitors, Personalised Sports Programming at Remedy provides an individualised home exercise programme tailored for sports people and fitness fanatics alike.

Whether you are preparing for a specific event, want to increase functional fitness, or trying to improve your game – we can help. By using Functional Training methods that centre on core strength and reinforcing correct movement patterns, we personalise this programme with SMART goals.






Our students include runners, golfers, tennis players, cyclists, rowers, triathletes, as well as boxers, rugby and football players along with those who just want to keep fit and injury free.

The benefits include muscle balance, core strengthening, stability, improved focus, injury prevention and flexibility. Whether you are a social player or a budding pro, the exercises we chose for you in our Sports Programming can be used for injury prevention and rehabilitation, as well as having a direct impact on improving your sports performance.

This is a Two-Part Programme consisting of:

  •  Postural, Movement and Strength Assessment
  • Comprehensive Injury History Analysis
  • One to One Pilates Training
  • Tailored Home Exercise Programme aimed to Correct Imbalances or Weaknesses
  • Sports Specific Exercises to designed to Prevent Injury and Improve Performance
  1. We assess posture, movement patterns and strength for weak links and prescribe a specific home exercise programme to focus on improving these.
  2. We assess progress over time and adjust the programme to advance further, enhance performance and reach your specific sporting goals.
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