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rachael remedy pilates physiotherapy bray wicklow dublin

Rachael Davis

Founder | Clinical Director | Sports Rehabilitation Therapist |

Pilates Specialist

Rachael has been practicing Pilates since 2000 and has a BSc (Hons) degree in Sports Rehabilitation. One of her proudest achievements was helping to prepare boxing legend Katie Taylor for her Olympic Gold Medal win in 2012. She has also worked with World Champion Irish dancer Layla Anne Healy and Stoke City Football Club.

Having worked with professional sports people as well as those attending private practices in Ireland and abroad she witnessed injuries and pain resulting in many not being able to enjoy sport or day to day activities. She specialised in Pilates to help all get back to enjoy their chosen lifestyle and in 2003 had clinical research published on Pilates and the management of back pain.

Rachael believes in addressing a person’s overall lifestyle and established Remedy in 2011 to intertwine the physical aspect of keeping fit and well with a philosophy of keeping mindfully well. Rachael’s ethos at Remedy is about understanding individual needs, lifestyles and goals.

Working as part of a multi-disciplinary team Rachael ensures the Remedy team provide the education, guidance and support to help members and clientele, irrespective of age or ability, achieve their desired health and wellness goals.

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“Remedy Pilates literally changed my life. Without meaning it to happen, I let sporting activity lapse when children came along and then I found when I tried to return to exercise I kept injuring myself. Rachael helped me through a frozen shoulder, I started Pilates and I have never looked back since. I feel fitter than I did 10 years ago. Thank you Rachael and team”

C. Cresswell

donnacha remedy pilates physiotherapy bray wicklow dublin

Donnacha Egan

Chartered Physiotherapist | Sports Programming |

Pilates Teacher

Donnacha has always had a keen interest in sport, representing club, county and region. With that much time on the pitch and court, what followed was considerable time also spent on the treatment table.

Amazed at being able to get back to pain free sport and day to day activities, and keen to learn more, he went on to study Physiotherapy in UCD.

Donnacha’s commitment to the overall wellness of his clients has a significant bearing on the positive results he achieves. He uses a combination of hands on manual therapy to relieve symptoms as well as prescribed exercises to help his clients feel better faster and for longer. His clinical approach to exercise therapy and Pilates for rehabilitation and injury prevention leaves a lasting impression.

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deirdre remedy pilates physiotherapy bray wicklow dublin

Deirdre Harris

Pilates Teacher |

Massage Therapist

Deirdre has been practicing Pilates since 2005. She knew from the beginning of her practice that she would train to teach and share her passion for this mindful discipline. After working in the corporate world and desiring to lead a less stressful life she decided to become a teacher and leave the stress behind.

Deirdre is also an avid runner and without Pilates would be unable to run her long distances well and pain free. Deirdre’s theory is “do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life!”.

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emer remedy pilates physiotherapy bray wicklow dublin

Emer O’Leary

Pilates Teacher

Emer was originally a Pilates client of Rachael’s in 2009. After feeling the benefits and eager to spread the word, she switched from a career in retail to teaching Pilates in 2010. Emer is also an artist and shows her creative side in teaching, making sure there is always something fresh and new in her classes.

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orla remedy pilates physiotherapy bray wicklow dublin

Jade Hickey

Pilates Teacher

Jade’s Pilates journey began with a clinically based experience back in 2014. After suffering for years with long term injuries she was overjoyed with the immediate results and continued practicing daily. Pilates became her way of life, not only for healing but for her overall wellbeing.

Observing her passion and determination grow in such a short time, she was encouraged to undergo a Pilates mentorship programme. Through her own experience Jade can sympathise and reciprocate with her clients’ needs but also motivate and guarantee success with Pilates.

Pilates has become her religion, “thanks be to Jo!” – referring to Joseph Pilates who created the integrated body conditioning method!

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etain remedy pilates physiotherapy bray wicklow dublin

Etain McGuckian

Yoga Teacher

Etain began her Yoga practice on the beaches of India in 2006. Realising the empowering benefits of Yoga over the years, she returned to Goa to receive her Yoga Alliance accredited teaching certificate with Trimurti Yoga centre. She decided to become a Yoga teacher to pass on the fulfilling experience her own mind, body and soul achieves, most significantly the release of physical and mental tension. Her classes focus on Hatha Flow and Yin which improves tone, circulation, strength and flexibility and syncs with the breath developing concentration, self-awareness and harmony within.

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etain remedy pilates physiotherapy bray wicklow dublin

Anna Gronerus

Yoga Teacher

Anna is originally from Sweden and has been living in Ireland for the past 13 years. She discovered Yoga almost 20 years ago and became a disciplined follower exploring various styles of Yoga. When she moved to Ireland she continued her regular practice where her interest in anatomy and the Yoga philosophy grew. Anna was overwhelmed with the mind body connection and relaxed state she could achieve, and decided to complete her Yoga alliance teacher training with The Yoga Room in Dublin.

She regularly attends workshops and is keen to share the knowledge and benefits with her clients. Anna believes that Yoga is for everyone and that each posture can be modified for individual needs. Her style of teaching is Hatha Flow where she focuses on awareness of breath and body alignment to improve posture. As well as encouraging flexibility she works on developing physical and mindful strength. Her aim is to release tension, stress and fatigue, calming the mind and rejuvenating the body.

orla remedy pilates physiotherapy bray wicklow dublin

Orla Chambers

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Orla is qualified in Personal Training and NLP Life Coaching and also has a B.A. in Languages. Her first interest in Hypnosis was piqued after reading Joseph Murphy’s “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind”. After putting herself into a relaxed state to quiet the conscious mind, she used a mixture of visualisations and positive suggestions to change the subconscious mind, to bring wonderful positive changes into her own life. From improved performance in sport to presentations going brilliantly to being relaxed at social engagements, all unfolded just as she pictured it.

Orla is highly trained in Clinical Hypnosis and uses these skills to help free people from limiting beliefs and enabling them to live free and happy lives.

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orla remedy pilates physiotherapy bray wicklow dublin
aine remedy pilates physiotherapy bray wicklow dublin

Áine Walker

Practice Manager |

Social Media Coordinator

Aine hasa background in art and photography as well as business development. She combines her skills to manage the Remedy practice and uses her creative side to showcase all of the services Remedy has to offer. Aine genuinely enjoys meeting somany inspiring peoplewho areworking towards bettering themselves.

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kirsty remedy pilates physiotherapy bray wicklow dublin

Kirsty Keane


Kirsty is Remedy’s part time receptionist and has a background in administration, bookkeeping and payroll. She was formerly an Operations Manager in a pharmaceutical company specialising in drugs for cancer pain.Kirsty enjoys dealing with people and seeing them achieve their goals.

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