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Meet the team at Remedy

rachael remedy pilates physiotherapy bray wicklow dublin

Rachael Davis

Founder | Clinical Director | Sports Rehabilitation Therapist |

Pilates Specialist

Rachael has been practicing Pilates since 2000 and has a BSc (Hons) degree in Sports Rehabilitation. One of her proudest achievements was helping to prepare boxing legend Katie Taylor for her Olympic Gold Medal win in 2012. She has also worked with World Champion Irish dancer Layla Anne Healy and Stoke City Football Club.

Having worked with professional sports people as well as those attending private practices in Ireland and abroad she witnessed injuries and pain resulting in many not being able to enjoy sport or day to day activities. She specialised in Pilates to help all get back to enjoy their chosen lifestyle and in 2003 had clinical research published on Pilates and the management of back pain.

Rachael believes in addressing a person’s overall lifestyle and established Remedy in 2011 to intertwine the physical aspect of keeping fit and well with a philosophy of keeping mindfully well. Rachael’s ethos at Remedy is about understanding individual needs, lifestyles and goals.

Working as part of a multi-disciplinary team Rachael ensures the Remedy team provide the education, guidance and support to help members and clientele, irrespective of age or ability, achieve their desired health and wellness goals.

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“Remedy Pilates literally changed my life. Without meaning it to happen, I let sporting activity lapse when children came along and then I found when I tried to return to exercise I kept injuring myself. Rachael helped me through a frozen shoulder, I started Pilates and I have never looked back since. I feel fitter than I did 10 years ago. Thank you Rachael and team”

C. Cresswell

roisín remedy pilates physiotherapy bray wicklow dublin

Roisín Parker

Chartered Physiotherapist | Pilates Teacher

Roisin is a fully licensed musculoskeletal chartered physiotherapist with current membership of the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists. After graduating with a 1st class honours in her BSc of Physiotherapy from UCD in 2015, Roisin moved to New Zealand to gain experience working, living and travelling abroad. While in NZ, Roisin worked as a physiotherapist in a clinic, a secondary school and with a senior men’s rugby team for 18 months. She spent a lot of time travelling and hiking around the beautiful country. During her time in NZ, Roisin also completed a certified course in trigger point Dry Needling.

Roisin returned to Ireland a year ago, and has since been working in 2 different clinics where she has treated a varied range of acute to chronic and complex musculoskeletal conditions. She is also very interested in how lifestyle and physical pain/health are related to mental health, and strives to help patients improve their general wellness as well as a specific injury.

Outside of work, Roisin enjoys being active- going to the gym, doing yoga, dabbling in sports and hiking. She is also a keen traveller, dog lover and a foodie.

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deirdre remedy pilates physiotherapy bray wicklow dublin

Deirdre Harris

Pilates Teacher |

Massage Therapist

Deirdre has been practicing Pilates since 2005. She knew from the beginning of her practice that she would train to teach and share her passion for this mindful discipline. After working in the corporate world and desiring to lead a less stressful life she decided to become a teacher and leave the stress behind.

Deirdre is also an avid runner and without Pilates would be unable to run her long distances well and pain free. Deirdre’s theory is “do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life!”.

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emer remedy pilates physiotherapy bray wicklow dublin

Carolyn Somers

Practice Manager | Pilates Teacher

Having worked as a Manager in the Corporate world for 15 years Carolyn needed a change. When the opportunity arose to become not just part of the team, but manage Remedy it was a perfect fit for her skills and personality.

Being a fan of Pilates and a participant in classes for over 5 years it was the perfect time to take the plunge into what drives her personally and professionally and train to become a Pilates teacher.

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orla remedy pilates physiotherapy bray wicklow dublin

Karen Murtagh

Pilates Teacher

Born in Canada and having spent her life between the Great White North and Ireland, Karen was drawn to the benefits of Pilates while working in an administration role in a Pilates Studio. Taking in Pilates by osmosis she decided it was her time to shine and experience the physical and mindful benefits for herself.

Attending classes and observing her progressions grow in such a short time, she was encouraged to undergo a Pilates mentorship programme training under Balanced Body. Soon Pilates became her way of life, not only for healing but for her overall wellbeing. With her friendly and caring nature, teaching others to improve comes very naturally to her. Through her own experience Karen can understand her clients’ needs and provide the guidance to ensure efficient movements and progressions, no matter what the starting point is.

orla remedy pilates physiotherapy bray wicklow dublin

Orla Chambers

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Orla is qualified in Personal Training and NLP Life Coaching and also has a B.A. in Languages. Her first interest in Hypnosis was piqued after reading Joseph Murphy’s “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind”. After putting herself into a relaxed state to quiet the conscious mind, she used a mixture of visualisations and positive suggestions to change the subconscious mind, to bring wonderful positive changes into her own life. From improved performance in sport to presentations going brilliantly to being relaxed at social engagements, all unfolded just as she pictured it.

Orla is highly trained in Clinical Hypnosis and uses these skills to help free people from limiting beliefs and enabling them to live free and happy lives.

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etain remedy pilates physiotherapy bray wicklow dublin

Chris Cunningham

Yoga Teacher | Physical Therapist | Massage Therapist

Chris spent 5 years in India, Sri Lanka and Australia developing his Yoga teaching skills as well as practicing Physical Therapy, Dry Needling and Massage. This has provided him with extensive knowledge of the human anatomy and a strong passion for helping others.

Chris brings this vast experience and holistic approach to his Physical Therapy treatments and Yoga classes.

Chris has a passion for surfing, travelling and photography.

“I have a strong passion for helping others to improve their health and wellbeing. Yoga has personally allowed me to maintain my active lifestyle. Combining this with Physical Therapy, I have found it the perfect tool in guiding others to a more fulfilling life, not just physically but also mentally and spiritually”.

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