In the Spotlight – Rachael Davis


Name: Rachael Davis

Age: 35

Occupation: Owner of Remedy Pilates & Physiotherapy. Pilates teacher / Therapist

Reason for attending Remedy:

I am very fortunate that this is my place of work. I like to think that I have created a haven for people to come to, to look after their bodies and their minds. I certainly take advantage and go to group classes here, and attend our physiotherapist when I need to. Taking part in Pilates classes here is the ultimate stress relief for me.

Physical activity outside of Remedy:

I love to run, especially among nature. It gives me head space, keeps me fit and helps keep my weight in check. Running around after my two young boys also keeps me fit!

Goals for attending Remedy:

When my thesis on Pilates and back pain was published in 2002, I knew I had come across something that research proved. Having a lot of unexplained pain in my teens, and then discovering that I have hypermobile joints, I feel so fortunate to have Pilates in my life. It keeps me strong, pain free and prepares my body for any physical activity, be it the strains of every day life or the crazy demands of motherhood!

One sentence that describes me:

Active Mum of two dedicated to my boys, my place of work and keeping fit and pain free.

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