In the Spotlight – Sarah King


Name: Sarah King

Age: 30

Occupation: Administration/ Marketing at Remedy

Reason for attending Remedy:

I work here so it makes it easy to attend classes! I never really knew the benefits of Pilates before I started working with the Remedy team. I have always suffered from tight neck and shoulders. Throughout school and studying for my Marketing degree my constant complaint was my shoulders. Hot bean bags and hot water bottles were used regularly coming up to exam time and around stressful times of the year. Since I started Pilates I found that my posture has improved and I rarely hold tension in my neck and shoulders anymore! 18 years waiting for that feeling!

I also had a baby 14 months ago and had some lower back pain from lifting her throughout the past year. My back wasn’t strong enough to deal with the constant strain. I started doing mat classes and then reformer after a couple of months and find that I rarely get any back pain now. My little one is considerably heavier and still requires lifting regularly so I am delighted with the increase in strength.

Physical Activity outside of Remedy:

Does running around after a 14 month old count? That keeps me busy enough. All my exercise revolves around her whether it’s going for a walk, playground or most normally cleaning up the destruction she causes!

Goals for attending Remedy:

I would like to build up my core strength a lot more. I would love to have another baby in a couple of years and I want to learn from my mistakes! I will protect my back this time!

I love the reformer classes here. I find them testing and still know that I’m not doing any damage to myself. I try to do 2 Reformer classes a week or at least one mat and one reformer class. Coming up to the summer, my plan is to mix it with more cardio to get in shape for holidays. Whatever I can do that involves a 14 month old!

One sentence that describes you:

A mum, a publican, an ex-couch potato, a pilates convert and social media addict!




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