What a Weekend!

Saturday Nerves  On Saturday morning last I was asked to accompany Conor from Purple House, to TV3 studios, to appear on the Saturday am breakfast show telling all about the Sumo Run that took place in Marlay Park the following day. Although I have a few radio interviews under my belt, live TV was taking [...]

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Pricing Menu – Lunchtime Express

Pricing Menu - Lunchtime Express At Remedy we offer a rolling monthly membership.  Unlike most of our competitors we won't ask you to sign up to costly contracts.  Instead all you have to do is renew your membership with us each month...  Find a price plan that suits your needs below. *When booking with PAYPAL [...]

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Return to exercise following Cancer

Return to exercise following Cancer Course starts March 9th             The aim of the programme is to empower participants to return to exercise following cancer through the medium of Pilates. In addition to Pilates, we hope to include education on the benefits of exercise following cancer, recommended fitness levels, goal setting, mindfulness and support to [...]

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Our Phydeo Review

Review by Rachael Davis Owner of Remedy Pilates and Physiotherapy Clinic, Bray, Co. Wicklow, Ireland. Being an old fashioned pen and paper girl I usually find all things technology difficult.  I am a clinician and not an artist and therefore my drawings of specific exercises prescribed to my patients were never perfect. I also found [...]

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In the Spotlight – Rachael Davis

Name: Rachael Davis Age: 35 Occupation: Owner of Remedy Pilates & Physiotherapy. Pilates teacher / Therapist Reason for attending Remedy: I am very fortunate that this is my place of work. I like to think that I have created a haven for people to come to, to look after their bodies and their minds. I [...]

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In the Spotlight – Phelim Lynch

The most recent interview we did was with one of our clients Phelim Lynch. He runs up to 200kms a week! Here is what we asked him NAME: Phelim Lynch AGE: 36 OCCUPATION: Owner of Lynchpin Media REASON FOR ATTENDING REMEDY: To recover and prevent injury. I'm not very good at home exercise so I joined Remedy to [...]

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In the Spotlight – Tessa Drea

  Name: Tessa Drea Age: 36 Occupation: Mum/ Film Lawyer Reason for attending Remedy: To gain strength especially around my core after having a baby Strengthen my pelvic floor Tone up my body since I turned 35! Improve my posture. Physical Activity outside Remedy: Regular running 5-10k a week. Lots of walking Yoga – short sessions nearly everyday [...]

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In the Spotlight – Sarah King

Name: Sarah King Age: 30 Occupation: Administration/ Marketing at Remedy Reason for attending Remedy: I work here so it makes it easy to attend classes! I never really knew the benefits of Pilates before I started working with the Remedy team. I have always suffered from tight neck and shoulders. Throughout school and studying for [...]

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In the Spotlight!

    We are running a series of interviews with the Remedy team and clients so you can get to know them a little better! Lucky you! First up is our Receptionist/ Marketing Executive Sarah King. Interview will be up soon! :-)

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