“At Remedy Pilates & Physiotherapy we have the experience to know how important it is to meet with you before you begin any health or exercise programme. Here we get to understand your individual needs and goals. We take time to listen to your specific needs and together with you, create a personalised programme to help you achieve your goals and improve your lifestyle, regardless or your age or ability.”

Rachael Davis – Founder & Clinical Director


Rachael Davis created Remedy with a specific ethos in mind – to improve overall health, wellness and lifestyle, irrespective of compromise. She brings a unique, nurturing style that intertwines body and mind with her team’s collective depth of knowledge and understanding of the human body. This open holistic approach is what makes them a leader in their field.

Meet Our Team

The team consists of Pilates and Yoga teachers, Physiotherapists, Exercise Specialists, Massage Therapists, and Clinical Hypnotherapists.

Being able to work together as part of a stronghold team and educate one another about their individual areas of expertise is of paramount importance. They take pride in developing themselves personally and professionally outside and in-house keeping science and education at the forefront to ensure your needs are met.

You will note the pleasant calming atmosphere as soon as you are greeted at Remedy.  Their personal approach means a first meeting is a must to get to know you, and how you would like to improve.  The small classes make it more appealing with the focus on individual care, attention to detail and reaching your desired goals.

Remedy really is a unique health & wellness place for all. See and feel the difference for yourself.

Rachael Davis

[clinical director]
[sports rehabilitation therapist]
[pilates specialist]

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Deirdre Harris

[pilates teacher]
[massage therapist]

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Karen Murtagh

[pilates teacher]

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Orla Chambers

[clinical hypnotherapist]

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