Welcome to RemedyPilates and Physiotherapy

“As boxing legend Katie Taylors Physical and Exercise Therapist for 10 years helping to prepare for her Olympic Gold Medal win in 2012, I witnessed how true resilience and discipline are key factors in championing yourself to achieve desired goals. With over 20 years working with professional sports people as well as in private practices around the world, I developed a deep interest in people and how life experiences affect health. The power of the mind over the body is truly fascinating and has led me to an ongoing interest in positive psychology.

At Remedy we have the experience and expertise to help you with your health journey. We listen, guide and support your specific needs enhancing autonomy in body and mind, performance and success. We are here to help improve your lifestyle, regardless or your age or ability and are firm believers in the power of making small changes everyday to become healthier and happier leading to a truly fulfilled life”.

Rachael Davis – Founder & Clinical Director


Rachael Davis created Remedy with a specific ethos in mind – to improve overall health, wellness and lifestyle, irrespective of compromise. She brings a unique, nurturing style that intertwines body and mind with her team’s collective depth of knowledge and understanding of individual needs. This open holistic approach is what makes them a leader in their field.